Hello Hastings…. (part 2)

Continuing the occasional series of gig experiences memorable for all the wrong reasons

Sometimes, when we reach the end of the planned part of church events, we carry on playing; same kind of music but in a slightly more laid-back fashion; and offer folk the opportunity to come and chat (and maybe pray) with people near the front of the venue if they feel like they want to respond to anything that the preacher has said during their talk.

On this occasion we were playing at a gathering of a number of local churches in a town I won’t name.

The guy leading the band said something like, “we’ve come to the end of the formal part of the evening, but were going to keep playing for a while if you’d like to come forward for prayer or to talk with someone but if you have to get away please feel free to leave quietly”…

…at which point, with the exception of the folk who were help to set up and break down the event, the entire assembled mass stood AND QUEUED to leave the venue.

Tough crowd!

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