Grateful for Detling Summer Celebration (and People Without Limits)

I was very sad to hear of the announcement by People Without Limits a week or so ago that the Detling Summer Celebration, and People Without Limits itself was reaching the end of the road.

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under Heaven Ecclesiastes 3 v1
It is with a distinct sense of loss that we advise of the cancellation of the Summer Celebration for 2016, but also to advise of the decision to close People Without Limits as a charitable company.
The Trustees met on Monday and we came to the conclusion that there was insufficient support to enable us to continue with the plans for the Celebration. Having made this difficult decision we then looked at the purpose of PWL and after much prayer and discussion came to the conclusion that the company should be closed.
We have a sense of great thanksgiving for all that People Without Limits has been and done and whilst grieving the loss of something that we love so much and that has been such an important part of the lives of so many.
We do feel that there is a new season approaching and trust that God has a plan.
Trustees of People Without Limits
Copyright People Without Limits 2016.

As I look back on what I wrote 11 months ago about the cancellation of Detling 2015 I think my reflection on the legacy of Detling Summer Celebration in its impact on the Detling family (the wonderful team of workers and volunteers; musicians, speakers, prayer ministry team, stewards and the lovely Detling Family members who came each year to be blessed, ministered to and encouraged to live life without limits) still stands;

Whatever the future holds for the Detling Summer Celebration I think it’s a wonderful tribute to the heart of what the ‘Detling family’ have built together all these years that, in its absence this year, groups of people have felt motivated and empowered to create something new together.

and, I’m encouraged by the knowledge that at least one of the localised events that was organised in its place last year will be running again in 2016.

Thank you Detling family, thank you People Without Limits, thank you those who had the vision to start it all and for those who had the courage to make the decision to call it a day. Thank you God for all of them and thank you that you have plans and purposes for each one.

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