Fresh Streams ’23

I recently had the privilege to reconnect with a couple I’ve not seen for a few years (and meet some new friends) playing bass for them at “Empowered: Fresh Streams Leadership Conference 2023″ at The Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick, Derbyshire.

Helen and I met Josh + Florrie Bishop-Hall (before they were married) through the AbbeyFest event that ran for a few years at Minster Abbey, Sheppey.

It was lovely to be playing bass for them as they were leading us in worship as a couple!

An image of Josh and Florrie Bishop-Hall leading worship (with band) at Fresh Streams 23 taken from the back of the hall.

Also in the band were Matt Rogers (Drums) and Tom Nicholls (vocals / keyboards) – both of whom I’d not met before but it was great fun playing alongside them and experiencing a shared sense of spirit and the synergy of playing and sparking ideas together.

I travelled ‘super-light’ – just a 5 string bass, DI and BackBeat (supplemented by my trusty Line6 M9 on a couple of sessions) with in-ear-monitoring.

It was a longer solo drive than I’ve done for a while to get to the Hayes Centre but (not helped by heavy traffic and bad weather) but I really enjoyed my time!

With years of experience playing bass in a wide range of situations a dear friend once said that if you were to cut me in half you'd find the word 'bass' written all the way through - yes I know that's so cliche - but that doesn't make it any less true! Like so many people I have more than one 'day' job - but most of my work-time these days is spent working for Interconnected Solutions.